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Dress Code

Golf Course/ Practice Areas
Golf attire will be in accordance with Country Club Standards. Men must wear shirts with collars (which include turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks) at all times. Shirts must always be tucked in. (Women’s tops designed to be worn on the outside are permitted. All women’s tops must have either a collar or sleeves.) Women are encouraged to be stylish and conservative. Individuals not suitably dressed will be refused golf or practice facility privileges.

Unacceptable Attire

Short shorts, running shorts, cargo shorts (i.e. shorts with external pockets located on pant leg), cut-off shorts, blue jeans, denim of any color, tank tops, muscle tops, T-shirts, swim attire, sweatpants, and shirts which are not tucked are unacceptable. Men are required to wear shirts during play at all times. Shorts designed by a recognized golf clothing manufacturer which possess internal pockets located on the pant leg are not considered “cargo shorts” for purposes of this article.

Short shorts, halter tops, tube tops, tank tops, cut-off shorts, blue jeans, denim of any color, swim attire, sweatpants, and tennis shorts are unacceptable.

Golf Shoes
Golf shoes with metal spikes are not permitted at LCC.

The Clubhouse attire shall be same as the golf course with the exception that non-ripped and form fitting jeans/denim are permitted.  Hats are to be removed upon entering the building.  No swim or beach wear is permitted inside the Clubhouse.